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Since becoming a full time Artist at the beginning of 2021, Charlie Tippell has graduated through the styles of portraiture. Initially starting in acrylics, Charlie has since progressed on to full colour Oil Paintings. Lots of his work has taken inspiration from the world of combat sports, with high paced images taking centre stage. This alternative avenue into the world of Fine Arts has led to a niche fan base whilst also connecting him to a number of high profile clients around the world. 



Over the course of 2021, Charlie has the opportunity to produce work for combat sports royalty. Customers include the youngest Heavyweight Champion of all time Iron Mike Tyson; current UFC P4P number 1 Kamaru Usman; Olympian and UFC Double Champion Henry Cejudo and superstar Jorge Masvidal. 

Upcoming Fundraiser for The Royal Marines

In 2022, Charlie created the below conceptual piece for The Royal Marines Charity. Featuring soldiers from the Great War, The Second World War, The Falklands War and a rendition of a current serviceman marching in each others footprints. 

It is Charlie's aim to raise funds for the soldiers that have served, continue to serve and their families with a nationwide print release and an auction of the original painting. 

With the original piece fully framed and varnished, it is to be auctioned of at the RMA's yearly Charity Ball at the Guildhall in London in November alongside a limited run of official fine art prints. 

rma2_auto_custom (1).jpg
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