100cm x 120cm

Ozymandias - King of Kings is by far my most ambitious piece. Twelve legends of the sport of boxing with a future legend in the foreground. 
It would have been impossible to have painted everyone that has left their mark on the heavyweight division. the piece would've never been finished.
So I picked a few. 
Muhammed Ali, The Greatest, takes centre stage, Cassius Clay at the time in pose that has been the hallmark of boxing greatness since the photograph was taken.
To Ali's left lie his most formidable adversaries: George Foreman and Smokin' Joe Frazier. 
Frazier beat Ali in the first of their notorious trilogy of bouts; labelled the Fight of the Century, Frazier took a close points victory after fifteen rounds. 
Foreman himself defeated Frazier twice. in their first fight, he knocked him down in the first round on three occasions, and then three more times in the following round. 
Below them, the imposing Sonny Liston, a man who once left seven of his opponents teeth lodged in their gumshield. 
In the top left, Larry Holmes, Lennox lewis and Jack Dempsey, three of the greatest champions to ever reign. Rulers decades apart.  
In the very top right, Jack Johnson stands with his arms folded, the Galveston Giant, who rose to heavyweight stardom as the Jim crow Laws engulfed Black America. 
Beside him, Joe Louis and Evander Holyfield, two men that embodied everything that boxing should be both inside and outside of the ring. 
Rocky Marciano, the man with the most incredible incredible record in the history of heavyweight boxing, 49 wins and 0 losses. 
At the bottom, the two Tysons.
One is already known as the scariest man to ever bless the division.In his prime, most agree, no one could stop him. it was only a matter of time.
Beside him, the Lineal and WBC Champion of the world, Tyson 'The Gypsy King' Fury. The crown has been cast down to him by the Greats of the past. 
His name is already set in stone, and the crown will be cast from his head one day, the only question: is when?

Ozymandias-Tyson and the Giants

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